Policy Analysis

In TIS we are convinced that the development of health policies should be guided by the evaluation of the best available evidence. Our mission is to provide advice in each of our fields of action, offering projects that bring this evidence to decision makers, with the aim of improving quality, efficiency and productivity in the Health Sector and contributing to the improvement of health & well-being of the entire population.

Our experience with international organizations, governmental organizations, health institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories, medical laboratories, public and private companies endorse us as a prestigious consultant in:

  • Hospital management
  • Evaluation of public health policies
  • Health economics
  • Information technology
  • Physical infrastructure planning
  • Evaluations of Investment Projects
  • Health promotion
  • Educational communication
  • Management of administrative and human resources for clinical research

Public Policy Analysis

The Mexican population faces health challenges important and diverse: a growing trend of chronically ill patients, where obesity and all diseases associated with it stand out. At the same time, the sufferings of a developing region persist, such as infant malnutrition, maternal mortality and infectious diseases.

The health system has characteristics that make it difficult to fulfill its function: fragmentation, insufficient budget and uneven distribution, regional deficit of qualified human resources and low quality of services. In all these issues there are areas of opportunity to advance the health agenda, labor productivity and a longer life expectancy.

In this context, TIS’ public policy analysis area offers business and research advice to the public, private and social sectors to support the best decision making in accordance with the objectives that each actor seeks to fulfill within the sector.

Our proposals and health policy analysis have supported non-governmental organizations, health institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories and private companies focused on pharmacies and access to medicines. Our consulting projects are supported by the most relevant and updated data and information, considering the different regulatory and fiscal contexts, and possible economic, political and social scenarios, both national and international.


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