Course on Public-Private Mix in Health

Public-private partnerships (PPP) are increasingly common in Mexico and the world. In the health sector in particular, they have come to demonstrate a high degree of effectiveness in many ways. In this course, participants will learn about the different models of organization and financing of health systems as well as the efficiency that, in theory, entails private participation in the provision, financing and administration of healthcare services. With the support of examples from several Latin American countries, it will be determined which models, and in what conditions, this public-private mix has created health benefits for the target population.

In a complementary manner, the regulatory framework of public-private partnerships in Mexico will be reviewed. Examples of the last 10 years and their prospective for the different institutions of the healthcare sector in the country will be discussed and analysed.



  1. Review of healthcare systems in selected countries
    • i. Integrated systems
    • ii. Fragmented systems
  2. Types of private participation in health
    • i. Primary health care programs
    • ii. Contract models in secondary and terciary care
    • iii. Capitated models and transfer of risk
  3. Public-private partnerships
    • i. Regulatory framework of PPPs in Mexico
    • ii. First examples of PPPs in health: high specialty
    • iii. Second generation: general hospitals
  4. Where this model is going: What business opportunities are there within the health sector in Mexico?

  6. Conclusions and reading recommendations

This course has an estimated duration of eight hours. Two sessions of four hours per day are recommended. This allows the participant to reflect on the concepts and, if necessary, prepare the recommended readings for the subsequent sessions.


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