Introductory Course
on Health

Economy is the science of scarcity, that is, multiple purposes for scarce resources. In the case of health, this principle persists. Allocating resources to a health intervention implies that we cannot do so to other interventions. This opportunity cost must be measured to be certain that the choices we made in the use of these resources is the most appropriate. As such, it is important to have a clear idea of the criteria used in the decision making process by individuals, companies and communities in terms of health priorities.

The objective of this course is to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to comprehensively understand the technical and conceptual bases of the applications of economic analysis in the health sector. The health care market is analyzed with the most important characteristics of demand and supply, as well as the role of insurance in consumer decisions on the health service.

The basics of health economic evaluation of are reviewed, describing how decision making is conducted for the acquisition of inputs in contemporary health systems. Finally, this is contextualized within the health sector in Mexico, its organization, and the particularities of the integrated model that the most relevant public institutions have.



  1. Economics and health economics
    • i. Definitions and basic principles of economics
    • ii. Applications of economics to the health sector
  2. Healthcare market
    • i. Health production function
    • ii. Demand function for health
    • iii. Market failures
  3. Health insurance and its characteristics

  5. Examples and group discussion

  7. Health Technology Assessments
    • i. Principles of technology evaluations and types of evaluation
    • ii. Recommendations
  8. The health sector in Mexico
    • i. Demographic and epidemiological context
    • ii. Organization of the health sector
    • iii. Challenges
  9. Conclusions and reading recommendations

This course has an estimated duration of eight hours. Two sessions of four hours spread over two days are recommended. This allows the participant to reflect on the concepts and, if necessary, prepare the recommended readings for the subsequent sessions.


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